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Online pop culture fandom is fragmented. However you describe Oodon, our aim is to create a central destination for fandom that democratizes and amplifies the voices of nerds in all their incarnations: as creators, enthusiasts, buyers and sellers.

where pop culture community, industry and marketplace a never-ending comic con

nerdy content

Do you create original, multi-media content: fanfic/art, video game walkthroughs, chiptunes, nerdy podcasts, fantasy illustrations, cosplay pics, sci-fi blog posts, etc.? Or maybe you just like to share what you stumble upon.

By creating an oodon matrix, you can post all your content from around the web onto one identity page to share with the muther-flippin’ world (and add stuff to sell, too).

geeky merch

Got stuff to sell? Unlike traditional comic cons, this dealer room never closes.

Whether you’re a geek industry professional wanting to sell your product or swag, a comic book shop or convention vendor interested in getting in front of your target buyer, or just someone who’s got a cherished collectible you’re thinking about parting with, adding multi-media content will help you sell your product and make lasting connections. That’s contextual selling!

dorks like us

Super passionate about comics, video games, trading cards, tabletop games, collectibles, cosplay, anime, etc.?

Oodon won’t replace the RL comic con experience, but passions don’t die when the con doors close!

We’re creating a special place for kindred spirits like you, that you can access any hour of any day…without having to take off your superhero slippers.

help us build an ecosystem you want to be a part of

join the next round of beta testers

Soon you’ll be able to set up a personal identity page we call your ”matrix” (a matrix of content + merch) where you can create/aggregate nerdy multi-media content from around the web (video, podcasts, illustrations, music, images, art, posts, etc.) AND add your stuff to sell.


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We are the geeks of the universe, and we’re not just a demographic… we’re a cultural movement: a smart, creative, fun and accepting super community. Yep, it’s the future we’ve been waiting for!

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